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Decorating the perfect Christmas Tree

Decorating the perfect Christmas Tree

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Decorating the perfect Christmas Tree

In a year like 2020, we don’t see any harm in getting out the Christmas decorations a little bit earlier than usual. Untangling the lights with your festive film of choice (The Holiday, anyone?) and a glass of mulled wine will be sure to get you into the Christmas spirit – who cares that it’s still November! Whether you’re looking to change it up or keep it traditional, we have the perfect guide for decorating your Christmas tree.


Do you have a trusty artificial Christmas tree waiting for you in the roof space, or are you going for a real tree this year? There are pros and cons to both! Fake trees have come a long way, and a good quality artificial tree is a worthy investment. They are (usually) easy enough to assemble, and you won’t get pine needles all over your living room. Top tip: make sure to spend a bit of time separating each branch to avoid gaps. Faux trees are a great option, especially for those with inquisitive pets and toddlers – our only con is you don’t get that lovely pine fresh smell! On the other hand, making the trip to pick out a real Christmas tree can be such a special activity for the whole family. A real Christmas tree will look its best for 4-6 weeks, if looked after correctly, so bear that in mind when considering your timings. Top tip: measure your ceiling height before you leave home and opt for a tree at least 60cm less in height to leave room for your topper! A real Christmas tree is something you should try at least once – it’s a little bit more upkeep than artificial, but the gorgeous smell and unique look will be so worth it in the run up to Christmas.


This is important – your Christmas tree is the focal point of the festivities, so make sure it’s situated somewhere it can really shine. Placing your tree in front of the windows makes for a display that can be enjoyed inside and out. This also creates a very cosy atmosphere, perfect for those nights in with the fire glowing and the light’s twinkling. Ultimately, though, there is no perfect location for a tree, it’s down to where you and your family will enjoy it most.


Whether you’re busy untangling lights and cursing yourself for not packing them away properly last year, or purchasing something new, we’ve got some tips for ensuring your lights dazzle and don’t distract. The golden rule here is to make sure the colour of your lights doesn’t clash with your decorations and baubles (more on that later). Whether you like traditional golden, modern soft white or coloured, the key here is to make sure they enhance your tree. Golden lights pair well with a gold or red theme, whilst white lights are perfect for silver or grey. If you go for coloured lights, then don’t go overboard on your colourful decorations. It’s all about balance when it comes to lights – make sure you spread them evenly from top to bottom. Top tip: Stand back and switch your lights midway through wrapping them around the tree, this way you can see how even your distribution is looking as you go!


Picking a theme for your Christmas tree really comes down to your own personal taste. Whether you like traditional red baubles, ribbons and candy canes (Image 1), or a more wintery silver colour scheme (Image 2), the most important thing is to stick to your theme. If you have decided on an icy, snowflake tree with soft white lights, last year’s gold decorations need not be wasted: why not decorate another room with these? Once you’ve settled on a colour and theme, it’s time to decorate. The key here is to work slowly, taking a step back every so often to see the whole picture. Try and space out your statement pieces with smaller, filler decorations – this way, each piece can shine. Keep large or heavier pieces towards the bottom, with smallest towards the top. A variety of shimmer, matte and textured items like pine cones or icicles will add depth to your tree. Be careful not to place any glass decorations around the edges, these will be safer nestled in the middle. If you have any special pieces from years back, give these pride of place! Finally, when placing the star on your tree, be careful not to disturb any of your work: a step ladder and an assistant usually does the trick.


At the end of the day, a perfect Christmas tree is about the memories, festivities and cheer: so don’t get too bogged down in your own rules. Decorating the Christmas tree is a special annual event, so if the family want to get involved (and threaten to ruin your perfect aligning baubles with their ‘homemade’ décor – toilet roll Rudolph’s spring to mind!), let them. In years to come, these are the decorations you’ll remember, and treasure, the most.

But if you don’t fancy doing it yourself then get the experts in. For our tree we use The Christmas Decorators. Get in touch with then and they can do the hard work for you!