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Princes Square x The Poetry Project


Princes Square x The Poetry Project

To mark World Mental Health Day on 10th October, Princes Square has teamed up with The Poetry Project to share their positive messages on our digital screen on the ground floor of the mall.

The Poetry Project was founded by professional poet and author, James McInerney who suffered from depression when he was young and used writing as a way of escaping.  The project began in 2018 when James was on the London Underground and saw a famous quote from Nelson Mandela on the information boards – at that moment he thought his poems would look great on the notice boards – he messaged the station, and they loved the idea.  James sent them a selection of his poems and they shared them on the information boards and soon enough his work was all over London and the response from the public was amazing.

James said: “With mental health issues on the rise, we need to break the stigma that surrounds them and be visual in our efforts to make the subject less taboo and more approachable. The messages from the project are designed to make people stop and think with an aim to inspire and motivate.”

The Poetry Project is all about having positive, empowering, and motivational messages on display in public areas to promote well-being and raise awareness of mental health issues. As well as being used in public places, it is also being used on social media and behind the scenes in workplaces to motivate staff and increase productivity.

Commenting on the project, Katie Moody, Centre Director, Princes Square, said: “We wanted to mark Mental Health Awareness Month by teaming up with The Poetry Project to share their positive messages on our screen and across our social media channels. The project has been a massive success in London, and we felt we wanted to share it with our Glasgow audience.”

Messages will be refreshed each week, so make sure to stop by on your next visit!